Home, sweet home goods!

Our stuff is finally here and we couldn’t be any happier!


It is storming buckets here and the moving crew has been waiting around for it to pass – perfect opportunity to update you all. We have 5 large crates and they have unloaded 2 1/2 so far. The first thing I did was dig through an old bin labeled “Leilani’s baby stuff”. Most of these bins have been in storage for a little over 4 years and this bin was one of them. In it, I found some of her dress up costumes that she loved playing in when she was 2, old toys that she never wanted to get rid of, and a few professional pictures taken when she was 1 1/2. It was so nice to have these irreplaceable possessions back in my hands.

We have heard several horror stories about families losing their belongings during transportation or the movers sneaking away some of the boxes, but, fortunately that hasn’t happened to us. Although, we DO have a 6th crate that isn’t here yet. I just hope it’s bins full of CJs junk and not mine! Me being a female and all, you would think that I’d have tons and tons of useless stuff. Like, bins of clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in years. NO. My husband has 6, old, heavy boxed TVs and countless bins full of clothes, shoes, trinkets and gadgets, wires (wires!?), and thousands of video games. As a matter of fact, the storm has died down and the movers are pulling out boxes again and – you guessed it – another bin of CJs clothes. Imagine that.

I am overwhelmed with everything in our apartment. Our home is too small to house a lot of this so we will have to  live with stacked bins against our walls for a little while. At least until we dig through it and donate things we are happy to part with. But, that’s just going to have to wait until we come back from Paris. We leave in 2 days! I love coming home to a clean house after a wonderful vacation. But, that’s not going to happen this time. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy that everything is here. It’s just terrible timing.

Now that the movers have left, we are digging through our treasures and feel like kids on Christmas morning. “Yehessss!!” and “Oh my God!” is all we keep saying. I was worried that I’d have to buy a bunch of new clothes for Paris but mine and Leilani’s cute coats and clothes are here! My days of looking like a mother of 10 are over. No more sweatpants and sweatshirts – literally all I wore for the past few months.

As I sit here barricaded by TVs and bins, I think about how I can finally decorate our house; turning it into a lovely home. I have several ideas and I can’t wait to get started. But, FIRST, I have to think about packing for Paris! Ahhh!

It’s time for me to pick Lei up from school now. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she walks into her room full of books and toys!


One thought on “Home, sweet home goods!

  1. I imagine you have gone to and returned from Paris already. I hope it was as wonderful as anticipated. Have a Merry Christmas, and we’ll miss having you in California!
    Love, Abuelito

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