Felice giorno del padre!

Today is Italy’s Father’s day!

Leilani made her papá a card in class.

On the front and inside of the card, it says, “Dear dad, with you I feel… like a fish out of water.”

The back of the card says, “Dear dad, I feel your presence that gives security and guidance in my life. I see your sacrifice and work that sustains every day. Best wishes dad.”

We surprised him with our first demijohn, or in Italian, damigiana. Not just any demijohn but a Superman demijohn. If you know CJ, you know he’s a huge Superman fan. He has also carried that nickname his entire career in the Navy. A hand painted, Superman demijohn will sit perfectly on our patio. Demijohns are said to be $100 or more for an average sized one in America whereas here in Italy, you can sometimes find them tossed on the side of roads or at a reasonable price. They are lined on everyone’s balconies; the green glass is so pretty when the sun shines through them. They also come in different shapes and sizes. I plan on collecting several to have when we move back to the states. These will make perfect gifts for our family and friends!

When CJ came home, he was surprised to see his little gifts from Leilani. He had no idea it was Italian father’s day. It was nice being able to show him we appreciate everything he does. He’s been working long hours in his office so we were happy to put a smile on his face.

Also, Leilani has never written in cursive before because it’s not taught at this age back home. I am very proud of her effort and how well it is written for jumping right into this 2 days ago. She is loving her school but is feeling a little overwhelmed by all the work they are having her do with copying sentences and paragraphs every hour. She is so strong, I know this can’t be easy. When I drop her off or pick her up, it is very difficult for me to communicate with the teachers. I feel like I’m playing a game of charades with them – using a bunch of hand gestures and pointing to objects. It’s frustrating, really. This morning one of the teachers told me to repeat the word, quaderno meaning “exercise book”. I said it and felt good about it. She gives me the “so-so” hand sign with a face that looked like something stunk! I need to work on pronouncing words with the high and low vocal sounds rather than saying it fast like we would speaking Spanish. After Spring Break, I will be taking a 10 week course in Italian. On a tour I took last week, there was a woman who spoke decent Italian; enough for small talk. She gave me the information of the lady who teaches out in town – I contacted her right away! I can’t wait to begin. There is so much more I want to know about Leilani’s school and how she’s doing in class. I want to be involved during this unforgettable time in her life.


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