Rants and randoms

1. I need to learn Italian faster. The locals try to make conversation with me and I get so ANGRY with myself when I can’t respond. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by an Italian wanting to talk with me and I stand there like, “ah! I’m sorry! Inglese!”…and then they’ll starts speaking in broken English. Then I look like a loser. It’s unfair to them. I feel terrible when they can speak English and I can’t speak their language when I’m in their country. This gives me that much more of a push to study harder and practice often.

2. Leilani is in a new school. She’s been there for a month now. The last school, La Favola, turned out being awful. I guess I just wanted a traditional setting for her, this one reminded me of an old Italian film. Only, less structured and loud children bouncing off the walls; literally. The teachers were rarely present and expected them to write whatever was on the board. It was not the place for my daughter. To sum it all up, she was 8 days in to the school when she told me 2 boys held her down and punched her in the eye. CJ went to the school furious and pulled her out that second.

This new school – the one we originally wanted to put her in – IS AMAZING. Every Friday, her teacher and interpreter update me with Leilani’s progress. I am so proud of her and how fast she is learning. I had no idea she knew a good amount of Italian already. The second she started speaking to her teacher and reading to me in Italian, I got emotional. Blown away, actually. Her teacher is very pleased with her progress and has moved along in subjects because she’s understanding everything being taught. She says that Leilani is very intelligent and pronounces difficult words exactly as they should be. I give it another month or two before she ditches English altogether. Ha!

3. I originally planned on going to an “Art school” in SF. I threw that idea out of the window so fast (I feel silly about that post now, please disregard). I liked what I saw on the website; they had me at “100% online classes”. It was everything I needed while being overseas. I noticed my advisor kept pushing me to enroll in the school and register for classes. I found that to be odd so I researched the school and read reviews – something I should have done before I enrolled – and found out some ridiculous facts! Firstly, it’s a private, for profit institution that’s out for our money. Every form you can imagine has a fee for, they own several buildings in SF, have a huge classic car collection, rake in millions of dollars from fees, and they have a very high drop out rate because the tuition is not worth it. I could have went to medical school on the amount of tuition my program was. Their recruiters and advisors get handsomely rewarded for enrolling and registering students in classes, hence the reason why I kept being pushed to register! Also, credits don’t transfer. COUNT ME OUT. I had a hard time dropping my classes (that weren’t due to start for another month) and was questioned several times for my decision. That’s none of their business.

Anyway, I’m happy I’m no longer enrolled there. Now I’m trying to figure out my next plan of action. To college or not to college? Hmm…

4. Our passenger car window got broken into back in April while at the mall out in town. They stole our stereo dash system and gas coupons. We still haven’t gotten the window fixed. For what? To be broken into again? This happens TOO FREQUENTLY out here. Naples is filled with ruthless people.

5. I love my dauggher (daughter), Barbie. I bring her everywhere with me as though she were my human child.

6. In approximately 10 days, CJ and I will be going to our very first corpsman ball together! In the almost 10 years he’s been enlisted, we’ve never been to the ball. My excitement is on another level. Also, it’s 50s themed! Yes, I plan on going full out. Victory curls and all.

7. I’ve been on 4 other tours since Pompeii. I hope I get around to writing about them! I love it here in Napoli, unlike most.

8. We – we as in I – plan on submitting all paper work necessary to get off base and live out in town a couple of months before our one year mark comes around so we can live in a mansion. The houses here are huge! It would be perfect for family and friends to stay with us while on vacation. The hubs is on the fence about this one. But even his coworkers are telling him it’s worth it!

9. I feel like we’re the only ones who don’t travel Europe, let alone, Italy. I’ve met families who have been here for a few months and have been to as much as 9 different countries already! I’m seriously considering traveling solo because CJ seems to be happiest when home. Crazy!

10. I just started a blogging challenge run by WordPress! It challenges writers to post each day for the entire month of June, excluding weekends. Assignments are on two different topics of our choice. This is supposed to help bloggers make writing a regular occurrence with daily posts while learning and improving on our writing along the way. I’ve always liked who I am as a writer rather a speaker, so I hope to sharpen this “skill” and get some feedback from fellow bloggers. This will be a great accomplishment if I complete the challenge and a great way to cheers to my 27th year of life by the end of the month.

My first post on the challenge will be next. I hope you all enjoy the dozens of posts to follow!


One thought on “Rants and randoms

  1. Candice and CJ,

    After reading some of your posts and I just had to comment. What an incredible adventure you are sharing with CJ and Lailani. I loved all your posts and can’t wait to hear about all your experiences. Hopefully, CJ will come around and will go with you on outings to visit the rest of Italy. Can’t wait for the video of Lailani speaking Italian and pictures of Halloween this year. Lailani as the Mona Lisa was precious and extremely creative. Miss you.

    Love, Evelia

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