1 year update!


Wow, I’ve been away from this blog for a while. I have NOT abandoned it.

My laptop was being worked on for a couple of months and I don’t touch CJs laptop so, I kind of took a break from blogging. It’s funny to see my last post was about the blogging challenge I partook in, having nothing to do with Italy. I did continue with the challenge but decided to not post them for public view.

Yesterday, October 4th, marked our first year of living in Italy. It’s bittersweet. If we were only given this past year to live in Italy, I’d leave here disappointed in myself. So, I’m glad we have 2 more years to travel as much as possible. I personally have done some great tours and traveled locally but am dying to go to other countries. Germany and Iceland are the next big trips I have in the works right now. And London. And Ireland. With or without stingy hubby.

I’m going to randomly list some thoughts reflecting this past year of living in Napoli:

1. I didn’t achieve my goal of becoming fluent in Italian. It’s way too much work for busy little me. Although, I am getting better at understanding and I’m still trying to learn whenever I have time.

2. Leilani is doing fantastic in her Italian school. I am so proud of her when I hear her speak in Italian. She is about 50% fluent. The Summer break threw her off and she never had the chance to practice much and lost most of what she learned at the end of second grade. I know she’ll be 100% fluent by the first of the new year. I can’t wait for her to be my little teacher and translator!

3. Last year around this time, it was storming and we had power outages every night. This year, it’s transitioning from warm to windy weather. I’m prepared for future black outs!

4. I have great news to share but won’t mention anything until the end of the year when both are finalized. (NO, I am absolutely, positively, never-in-the-next-5-or-more-years, pregnant!)

5. I am a pro at driving in these streetz. I’ve become used to being honked at for no apparent reason from impatient motorists. I love shouting a stern “no!” with a pointed finger at them as though they are children. It’s a lot better than cursing. They just look at you with a puzzled look. So funny.

6. I’m waiting on my security clearance to be processed in New York and sent back here on base (by boat!) so I can start my job at the Child Development Center. I’ll be working with little ones!

7. CJ is doing fantastic. Keeping busy at work and still refusing to travel anywhere other than the pizzeria off base. A friend and I convinced him to come with us on a wine tour near Mt. Vesuvius last weekend. At least that was a start.

8. Caserta Royal Palace grounds is going to be frequented a lot by Leilani and I. It is the ideal place that makes for pleasant memories riding our vintage bikes (still need those), picnicking under tall, interconnected trees and reading a book. We visited once before and fell in love. That’s when we knew that place would be ours.

9. Last year I had 2 days to create Leilani’s Halloween costume. This year I have an entire month! I might be in over my head but I think it’s going to be epic. Also, they’re having a Halloween contest. I love me a challenge! My mother in law is a huge help in this process by sending me all the crafts I can’t find locally. Thanks, mumzie!

10. We semi-hiked Mt. Vesuvius this summer. It was surreal! Semi-hiked because while I was using the bathroom, CJ bought bus tickets to drive us half way up the mountain! That cheat. Once we reached the top, we breathed as much of the fresh air in as possible. The pollution here is awful. Have I ever mentioned that?

11. I went to Mykonos, Greece this summer on a girls trip. It was gorgeous. Definitely a one time only kind of thing, though. There isn’t much history there. I love history. But, we did stay in a classic white building with blue shudders! I’ll post photos of that in a separate blog later.

12. Speaking of photos, I won’t be posting nearly as many of them as I used to. Privacy is a concern now that I know my photos are being stolen by a source that hasn’t been apart of my life for years.

13. The two best things that have happened this entire year was getting my beautiful baby, Barbie, and putting Leilani in a local school. My dauggher is the cutest thing you’ll ever see and she is very popular on base. When we go for walks, every kid we walk by yells “It’s Barbie!!”. You’ll pretty much fall in love with her too if you saw her.

14. A year later and I still can’t get enough of the pizza and pasta!

That’s pretty much all I can think of from off the top of my head. Looking back on this past year makes me want to pack as much travel in as possible in this next year. So, the number one goal I have for the beginning of our second year in Italy is to TRAVEL EUROPE. Mark my words and by the power of positive thought, it will happen. OR, I can just live here permanently and not have to rush my travels. I’ve been seriously considering that option.

Here is a sneak peek of me in Greece!

Connecting with a sweet spirit animal in Mykonos, Greece.

Connecting with a sweet animal spirit in Mykonos.


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