The Hyland’s

A photo of us–The Hyland’s–after completing a 6 mile hike on a pleasant, Saturday-in-September afternoon atop Hurricane Hill in Olympic National Park, WA.

From North Carolina, to Virginia, to San Diego, to Washington state, to hopping back and forth from San Jose to Washington state; we are a military family of 3, relocating to our next duty station – South Carolina ITALY!

Left: my husband, Caleb (CJ/Seige/US NAVY Corpsman), the man who was chosen one out of 17 people to be stationed in Naples, Italy. The man who solely and successfully ran a pharmacy with dedication and determination aboard the USS John C. Stennis, and distributed medications and prescriptions to over a 5,500 person crew for the past 3 years, including 2 deployments; back to back, on a daily basis. In the 9 years and 3 deployments he has served this country, he has rightfully earned this duty station and I am forever grateful for all that he’s done for our family. Because of him, we are spending the next 3 years of our lives in Europe!

Middle: our daughter, Leilani (Lei/Nini/Leidy Bug/fashionista), my precious gem – a 7 year old who is our very own Nancy Clancy, explorer extraordinaire; where this incredible move to Italy could not have come at a better time in her fab life. She is a remarkable little girl who is unceasingly eager to learn, who has such enthusiasm for life and finds beauty in all that she lays eyes on. Museums on every corner will be her playground and history lessons will be at every ruin she passes, door she enters and local she encounters. She is ecstatic about learning a new language, Italian, and becoming fluent in it. She also adores fashion and looks forward to accompanying me to Milan trunk shows (one of the fashion capitals of the world) for the latest trends and greatest finds. She is especially excited to have a strict diet of pizza and spaghetti!

and then there’s me, Candice – the creator and updater of this blog. My intentions are to share our frequent travels around Europe through photos, brief story telling, and occasional video as we explore cobblestone alleyways that lead to hole-in-the-wall cafe’s and pizzeria’s of Napoli. Or, small children playing futbol near outdoor markets, women hang drying linens on clothes lines, Vespa’s buzzing by to wake us during our “pinch me” moment as we stand frozen in astonishment amongst The Roman Colosseum, and taking forced perspective photos; nonchalantly “leaning” against the Leaning Tower of Pisa while licking sky high gelato cones.

To most, this sounds like a dream. To us, it’s our dream coming true. And we are thrilled that you get to join us in this journey and watch it all unfold and manifest over the next 3 years. We hope our blog brings you joy, laughter, and maybe even a history fact that you never knew of.

Grab a glass of vino and enjoy site-seeing through our memoirs.


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